I would never spend that much on a XYZ

You cheap bastard! But really, why do we buy things that the majority of people considered financial lunacy? There is always going to be a certain level of bias coming from someone who likes expensive things, but here is my take.

We don’t buy them just because they are expensive……at least not all the time. Many of products including clothes, cars, watches, electronics, etc. have a much higher standard of quality when they are the top brand with the higher price tag. 

I’m not saying all name brand products do, because this world is filled with its share of rip-offs. You can tend to avoid the scam items by going with businesses that put extreme pride in their brands. 

I love being surprised by a high end product’s detail. Anything built by hand (not assembly line hands) should be considered a work of art these days. You can hardly find decent products built with any level care. In our consumer nation we tend to get wrapped up in the ability to dispose of everything. But with hand built high end products, they last longer, work better, and inspire more emotion than any discount item could ever dream. 

Of course, sometimes you just want to show off, but that in itself is a tribute to how a high end product can connect with you. You can start a conversation with it, be stopped on the street by strangers just for having it, develop a confidence that may not have been there without it. There is value added to your life that many people can’t see and they never will unless they experience it themselves. They will be unforgiving with their criticism, but that is part of the gig. If you are going to flaunt it then expect people to hate on it.

So do yourselves a favor: take a product that you are passionate about and strive to achieve the best of whatever that product is. Work the extra hours, make the sacrifices, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You only live until you don’t, so enjoy the shit out of it!