San Francisco the best city I would never want to live in.

I recently took a short 3 day business trip to SF and it was great! It had been almost two years since my last visit and I had forgotten how beautiful the city was.

One of the benefits of success is being able to travel the world. When you travel and experience other cultures you can really expand your way of thinking. Use your travels as a learning experience to help understand how different people think.

Understanding a person is a key component in finding the best way to coloaborate or create a lasting relationship. These relationships can help lead you to success.

This city in particular is great to visit but the hugely inflated prices makes it ludicrous to live in. The status and talent in the city attracts some of the largest companies in the world, however it also spawns some of the most well funded startups.

I will be traveling to this city frequently this year for one such startup that was purchased by the company I work for. Expect to get more updates on this wonderful city.