I Would Do Anything to Be Rich if Someone Just Told Me How

When I was younger the title of this post ran through my head frequently. Now I don’t consider myself rich, but at my age I’m killing it. You should be, too. The way you think is the most influential factor to you becoming successful.

If you are thinking something similar to the title, then just like I did when I was younger, you’re probably making excuses. What your really thinking is, “I have great work ethic but still need to comfort myself with the excuse that I don’t know what to do.”

What you should be thinking is, “What can I do every single moment from this point on to become successful?” Since doing that can be a struggle itself, let me help you out. 

1. Be positive. Don’t just think you can become successful –  you have to feel it deep, to your core. 

2. Write down the top three things you enjoy doing the most. You will be your best when doing things you enjoy. Either find out how to profit doing the things you enjoy, or motivate yourself to profit so you can do them more! 

3. Stop making excuses. I did not want to write this post at this moment but I couldn’t stand the fact that I wasn’t being productive. Never get comfortable with being unproductive.

4. Never leave a job half complete. You don’t have to sleep every damn night. Stay up, finish it, and then you can move on to the next project. 

5. Make your own path. All the advice in the world is not going to match your situation. You need to build a portfolio of successes and failures! These experiences are going to be your true playbook going forward. 

Don’t forget that you can be successful. Work your ass off, be relentless, and get out of your damn comfort zone.